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There are all kinds of dangerous ingredients lurking on the labels of big brand skincare products. Trust me. I know. While pregnant with my daughter, I realized the beauty products I once used were not only unsafe for me as a pregnant woman but also hazardous for the tiny human growing inside of me. This is when the idea for my all natural mommy skincare line began to bloom. A proud mama familiar with the struggles of motherhood, I have taken it upon myself to create the very best skin care for breastfeeding moms, postpartum mommies in recovery and the babies they bring into this world. We believe in clean, non-toxic products that are same for you and your love ones. Collect your products today.

Ami&Jiarra is a Quebec based company. Our mission is to create natural, high quality and non toxic skin care products for mommies and their babies. Our company is sulfates, phthalates, and parabens free. We take extra care making all of our products ourselves in small batches so we know exactly what is in each formulation. We source pure, high quality ingredients to ensure the products are safe for baby's sensitive skin. And we are perfecting recipes and constantly experimenting with new ingredients to find more ways to support the whole journey of early motherhood, from pregnancy to breastfeeding.